Been Busy, Lately

Lately, I’ve been busy and haven’t had much time to do much online. Since I finally get a break, I figured I would get caught up on here, as much as possible, and post an update. I’ve been working on getting the design worked out, and trying to post what I can, such as photos in the Gallery section. After I get caught up on the images, I’ll probably add some video content. I’ve been thinking about adding other reviews, aside from just products, such as movie reviews and just things that I like in general. I want to focus more on photography, but at the same time, I want to add other things too. I’ll see what happens, and just go from there.

Right now, work has been slowing me down from a lot, and can’t post things like I want, but I’ve been still adding things when I can. I should have been caught up by now, but things should be going faster, now that I have the layout worked out. Anyways, I just wanted to add an update.

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