It’s Not Much…

I know it doesn’t seem like much, right yet, but I was able to add two product reviews. Since everything is still new, it’ll take some time to build up the website. Right now, I’m getting ideas together of what I should add first on here.

As the past 2 review posts show, I’ve purchased a new camera and wanted to post a full review on them, since everything is fresh in my mind, and had ideas together of how to write out what to say. Usually, I just type as I think about what to say. I don’t use a certain layout, or things to cover, just what I think is valuable information about the items that others would like to know about.

I might add reviews of past items I’ve used, as well. It just depends on how the item looks, and if I have everything that came with the purchased item. I’ll try to cover as much as possible, and since I’ve had the item for a while, it’ll give me a chance to give a more in-depth review and my experience with the item. Just an idea for now, though.

Since I have those out of the way, I’ll probably start working on adding pictures and other media on here. Gotta have some type of entertainment, right?

I’ve been getting images together, and breaking them down into categories within folders, and deciding on how I should layout everything. I’m thinking about adding a section for attractions or places I’ve been, and share my experience, as I’m showing the photos. Kind of like a story, or a review of the place I visited. For example, if I went to the beach, I’ll share the best photos I’ve taken, explain where it is, what I did, and so forth. At the same time, I can always break down the photos into sections, like cats, dogs, butterflies, spiders, snakes, etc., and then share the photos I’ve taken of one species, explain what it is, and where I was when I took it. We’ll see what I come up with, though.

Since I had time to add content on here, I wanted to take advantage of it, and get some things going on here. It would be nice, if I was able to dedicate just one entire week to adding things on here, without any distractions or things that I need to do in real life. I would have a full website in no time. Hopefully, it’ll get to that point, at some time.

Anyways, I just wanted to add a quick update, to let anyone visiting know what’s coming soon on here, and what to look forward to.

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