November 13th Updates

The following Galleries have been updated:

Bees & Wasps
Clouds & Sky
Flowers & Plants
Frogs & Toads
Lizards & Skinks

Also, the following product reviews have been added to the list:

Canon 50mm f/1.8 IS STM Lens Review
Tamron AF70-300 Macro 1:2 Lens Review

I will be posting more reviews very soon, and try to get caught up on those. I will also update a few more galleries very shortly, as well. Since it’s Fall and going into Winter time, there hasn’t been too much wildlife out and about, like normal. So, the photos will be on a slow pace, but it gives me time to update the website, and get caught up on the products I have recently purchased. I have also been coming up with more ideas, in the meantime.

Tomorrow, November 14th, we’re suppose to have a super moon and I would like to work on some astrophotography photos, and I’ll try my best to capture what I can of the moon. Hopefully, it won’t be cloudy out, like it’s been lately. So, we’ll see what happens. Just wanted to post an update of what’s been added, for anyone who returns on a regular basis.

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