Tamron AF70-300 Macro 1:2 Lens Review

After reading the reviews about this lens, I was very excited to try it out, when it came in the mail. As you can tell from most of my photographs I take, I do a lot of macro photography. So, having a lens dedicated just for macro photography would have been great. The major downside is that you have to be at a distance from the subject, in order for it to come out correctly. I want to say about 4 feet from the subject, and this makes taking close-up shots really complicated. Well, unless, you can get the subject to stay still for you long enough to get everything in focus. Working with insects, majority of the time, this can be very complicated and have frustrating moments.

I’m sure the lens will get better and easier to work with, as time goes on and if you learn the distance and settings for everything, but between the focal distance and not having image stabilization, it can take a good amount of time to have it down well enough to work fast with it.

The lens does work well, and has the ability to zoom in very close, but I prefer to be close to the subjects I’m taking images of, and would choose a different lens to work with, with macro photography. If you have a studio and take macro shots, within an aquarium or something that keeps your subject within a certain perimeter, then it might work great for you. The photos I have been able to take in macro mode did come out really nice, though.

I tried using the Tamron lens on 2 garden spiders, and being 4 feet from each spider, it was very hard to locate them, with just the camera and lens mounted on a tripod. I finally gave up, after about an hour of trying, and decided to stick with my normal lens. I’ll still try it out, and try to get the hang of it, but just giving first impressions.

The build quality is really nice, and doesn’t have a cheap feel to it or anything. Because of this, the lens has some weight to it, though. The motor isn’t too loud, but if you want to be completely silent, this wouldn’t be a good option.

The price of the lens isn’t too bad, and is very affordable, which is why I chose to purchase it, in the first place. The one I purchased, at Amazon came with a lens hood, and was packaged really well, as you can tell from the images. As for the 300mm telephoto side, I usually stick with my normal 250mm lens instead, because of the image stabilization feature.

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