Trying New Things

Ever since the beginning of the year, I’ve been trying to focus more on myself and my future. I was having fun with photography for a while, but my lifestyle changed and I’ve been trying to get more involved online, and try to have something for my future. I still take photos, but just not completely focused on them, like I was. I need to upload the ones I’ve taken and haven’t posted online yet, so maybe an update is in order.

I decided to try out Wealthy Affiliate online, to see if I can learn more about making money online and give internet marketing a chance. I know it’s possible and have the layout mapped out in my head, but it’s just setting everything up the way I would like it or see it.

As of right now, I’ve been working on updating an older website I created a while back, and it has picked up to the point that I’m really enjoying it, like I did back when I first tried. Just over the past couple of months, I went from hardly seeing a sale to actually seeing sales come in a lot more quicker. As the website grows and expands, I get to watch what I created into something that was only a thought, at the time.

So far, I’ve been having luck and seeing the online business go well. I haven’t made it to the $1,000 a day status yet, not even $100 a day, but it’s always nice to think about it being possible at some point. Maybe, that day will come soon, who knows.

If you haven’t heard of Wealthy Affiliate, it’s a school which teaches you everything you need to know about internet marketing online. They do offer a free to try, where you can try out the first course to see if you can get into it or enjoy doing it. All of the basics are covered in the first course, and they offer courses 2 and up to those who wish to continue and grow they’re business online.

The community on there are all real people, and are very friendly and helpful. If you ever have any questions, someone will usually reply almost instantly. It’s really nice to have a supportive group that’s on there. I’ve became friends with some of the people I’ve came across.

If you were ever curious about working online, I would suggest trying out Wealthy Affiliate as a free member and if you enjoy it, after the first course, then continue onto the next.

I might start posting more about my experience there, as time goes on, but it just depends on when I have time. Now that my other website is up to date, I might start focusing more on this one and turn it into a personal journey. We’ll see how it goes…

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