Wasabi Power Battery and Charger for Canon Review

I chose to purchase the Wasabi Power Battery and Charger for Canon, because I wanted to have back up batteries for my Canon Rebel T5i, for when I’m outdoors for a long period of time, and don’t have to worry about charging the other ones, that came with the camera.

So far, they seem pretty good. They’re not as good as the Canon OEM one, but they’re better than nothing. They last around an hour and a half on continuous usage, and Canon’s seem to last around two hours or so. When using them in constant video mode, you’ll get around 30 minutes of video.

Unlike the Canon charger, the Wasabi Battery Charger plugs directly into the wall, whereas the Canon version has a cord. If you live in Europe, and need another US to EU adapter, or converter, with 2 flat pins going in and 2 round pins going out.

At Amazon, just one battery replacement is $10.99, and the charger is $9.99. The one I purchased was the 2 batteries and charger for $20.99, because of being able to charge batteries in the car. If you prefer to have a stand up charger, with a USB charger, you can always choose the 2 batteries and 1 dual USB charger option, which is only a dollar more, for $21.99.

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