Welcome to JoeNobles.net!

Thank you for stopping by, and visiting my personal website! After a long decision, I’ve decided to work on a personal website, and only focus on what I enjoy out of life. If you would like to know more about me, you can find more information on the “About Me” page. I’ve been getting into photography a lot lately, and have always enjoyed being around wildlife. So, I would like to see what I can do, by trying out nature photography, and sharing what I enjoy online.

I will also post reviews, whether it’s on products I have purchased and sharing my thoughts on them. I’m currently thinking about adding movie reviews, and maybe some music that I like to listen to, also. I want to focus more on the photography section, more than anything else, but every now and then, it might be something off-topic, that I would like to share, also. It’s why I decided to just go with JoeNobles.net, because I like a variety of things.

I have always been camera shy, but I really enjoy being behind the camera. I haven’t been much for talking on the phone, or being recorded, either, which is why I prefer to put my words into text. It’s why I didn’t go with YouTube videos. I’ve always wanted to try it, but the thought of actually doing it, kind of pushes me away. I might try it out, one day, but not right now.

Currently, I’m working full time as security, and as much as I would love to walk out and just focus on what I really enjoy in life, I can’t exactly do that because of bills, but I’m sure you know how it is. It would be nice to just enjoy life, and actually be truly free, without any worries, but unfortunately, human life doesn’t work that way. But, as time goes on, and this website builds, I would like to focus more on my real passion, and be more active on here, compared to how it is, when 40 hours is spent elsewhere.

Anyways, I’ll update this page later, but just wanted to update the main page a little. Also, I wanted to redo the layout, and I really like this one. So, I wanted to change to something more permanent, which is this current layout. The downside is I have to start all over again, but it shouldn’t take too long.

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